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Customer Reviews

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Harish Patel
Good product

It is easy to use. The functionality is excellent.

Melissa Williams

Fast shipping, And great customer service


I absolutely love it, it has help my fliming alot. Videos coming soon

Ashley Williams

Great customer service, but the gimbal is a lillte heavy. Overall it works great

Curtis Smith
Very Nice

The product has good quality materials, good weight to it. And fast shipping

You will see...

Useful in every situation

The more you use it the more you realize you need it. This is the consensus of our customers. Get ready to buy your new favorite tool.

Learn more about Gimboa Pro

Technical aspects

Stabilize any footage

Using Gimboa Pro is not just an improvement in your video quality, but
it opens up a whole new dimension. Videos can be created in
any kind of direction, without any shake.
The phone mount is a failsafe and keeps your Phone protected always.

Simple to use

You can change yourself from a hobby creator
to a real videographer with Gimboa Pro and some practice.
Gimboa Pro makes taking videos easy and fun,
yet as professional as it can be.

Learn the Details

Take your footage to the next level.

The 3-in-1 Gimboa Pro

With Free Tri Pod And Hardshell Storage Case

Brand new design and technology combined within Gimboa Pro, the best stabilizer.

Attach your phone to this Gimboa Pro and your footage will be more professional.

With Gimboa Pro, you will have a way to create the videos/photos you always wanted. This is achieved through a few factors.

Supports all smartphones and Action Cameras with screen sizes below 7.0

Three-axis stabilization

Automatic motion tracking

Manual zoom

Panoramic shooting


Multi-angle shooting

    All these to make sure everything you take with your phone will have good quality. The gimbal is capable of handling any smartphone on the market with ease. The phone is secure in the gimbal, due to "fall out" safety measures. The strong electric motor provides a great and powerful way of moving your phone while keeping it still.

    Say no to shaking low-quality footage!

    Our gimbal has a remarkably stable engine. This means that the footage is sure to be still. Also, it has a manual zoom crown, which makes zooming possible without touching the phone. No cable is needed to operate, thus eliminating the shakes which could come from unwanted contacts.

    Capable of working through a whole shooting!

    The battery, if fully charged can live for twelve hours. The engine due to the new heat-emitting system can stay relatively cool throughout the whole shoot.

    You can create professional:

    Wedding footage
    Child memories
    Dance videos/concerts
    Extreme sports 
    Video streams
    Any outdoor activities
    And many more...

      Without any shake.

      Creators Pack contains: Gimboa + A strong Tripod for Mobile.

      Get ready to create the footage you always enjoy watching.

      Ships From Tarpon Springs, Florida