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Gimboa Pro is a tool for creators who want to step to the next level with their creations. Your videos will be stable without any shake. Thanks to the selfie stick option you can take on special perspectives to make your footage look more interesting.

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Strong materials from the USA are made by professional designers. Smart and long-lasting. Gimboa Pro will be your go-to tool for footage creation.

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What People Are Saying

Finally what I need

"I'm a videographer. I have to tell usually I use my iPhone a lot for footage creation and this tool makes it so simple. My footage actually looks very nice."

Dean Smith - US

A true lifesaver!

"I have three children and they all want to be YouTubers. I never thought this is possible. They create such good videos now I actually believe in them. This product is a miracle!"

Lia Touchin - Canada

Fast shipping, quality product

"I live in Florida the shipping was surprisingly quick. It was here in 5 days. This is the fastest yet! The package was nice and durable, and the product is what they promised."

Joe Barrow - US

This is just amazing

"I bought one for my Mom for a birthday. She liked it so much that I had one for my self. Since then I ordered 3 more for my family. Lol, please, someone stop me... :D"

Marta Waters - Australia

Love it so much

"I'm a TikToker and my followers grew significantly since I'm using this gimbal. Well, I shall say this really makes a change..."

Darius Presley - US

I can only advise!

"This looks so nice. Comes in handy every day. Basically, not a day passes without me using it. There are so many options, sometimes I just play around with it."

Lia Williams - UK

Smart Creation Features of Gimboa Pro

Smart Features & Better Footage

Powerful Structure

Two internal engines are working to provide smoothie movement and stability even in an upside-down shot. All around field of vision.

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Strong Battery

We made sure to include a strong battery for Gimboa Pro. So we had to create it. It is powerful enough to not disturb your creative flow. It can last for 12 hours, depending on the temperature. It can be charged up in 1,5 hour to full.

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